Build Your First AI Fitness App with EyePop.ai

Find out how EyePop.ai makes AI easy to use and changes the way we do fitness. It lets anyone track their workouts with cool tech!

The Impact of AI in Fitness

AI-driven insights have begun to transform the sports industry, offering technical knowledge previously unavailable.

Coaches, trainers, and sports scientists now rely on sophisticated computer vision technologies to analyze and optimize athletic performance, creating a data-driven approach that was once only the domain of high-level university research labs.

Typically, it takes an entire team to build AI applications. EyePop.ai is streamlining this process for easy,  AI-powered insights, regardless of industry or technical knowledge.

Build your first AI app.

Making Computer Vision Available to All

EyePop.ai's platform embodies the democratization of advanced computer vision technology.

By utilizing visual data, EyePop.ai provides accessible tools that allow even those with minimal technical knowledge to harness the power of AI-driven insights.

Now, more businesses and coaches can use these new sports analysis tools. They can make special programs that fit exactly what they need.

The AI tools that are enhancing the capabilities of professional athletes are now accessible to all levels of athletes.

EyePop.ai provides a support team for athletes in their quest for excellence. Sign up free.

How To Build Your First AI Powered Fitness App with EyePop.ai


  1. Signup for Free!
  2. Follow the low code guide to learn how to build a Fitness App Pop in 1 minute.
  3. The low code rules in this video are:
    Biggest Person left wrist above Biggest Person left shoulder
    Biggest Person right wrist above Biggest Person right shoulder
    Biggest Person left wrist below Biggest Person left shoulder
    Biggest Person right wrist below Biggest Person right shoulder