10 minute Profile Photo Verification System Using EyePop.ai and JavaScript

Discover the step-by-step guide to creating an AI-powered profile photo verification system with EyePop.ai and JavaScript. Perfect for beginners, this tutorial will help you implement a robust verification process, improving the quality and relevance of user-uploaded images on your platform.

Revolutionizing Profile Photo Verification in 10 Minutes with EyePop.ai and JavaScript

In the digital era, ensuring the quality and relevance of user-uploaded photos has become a challenge for many platforms. Whether it's for a social media profile, a community forum, or a user verification process, maintaining a high standard for uploaded images is essential. That's where the magic of AI, particularly EyePop.ai, combined with the versatility of JavaScript, comes into play.

Today, I'm excited to share how you can build a sophisticated profile photo verification system in just 10 minutes. Yes, you heard it right – in less time than it takes to make your morning coffee! ☕✨

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Introducing EyePop.ai: Democratizing Computer Vision

EyePop.ai is at the forefront of this revolution, making advanced computer vision available to everyone. Whether you're a developer, a business owner, or a coach, EyePop.ai provides the tools you need to harness the power of AI-driven insights, without requiring a PhD in computer science.

Step-by-Step Guide to Profile Photo Verification

Now, let's dive into the heart of our discussion: building a profile photo verification system. The process involves a few simple steps below and requires web development knowledge.

We'll skip the simple HTML page design and show how simple using the EyePop SDK is.

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  1. Follow this quick guide to setup an API Pop in the developer docs.
  2. Setup your webpage and user image upload workflow, we'll skip those details here but feel free to clone the Demo repo and use the following site provided there!
  1. Hook up your Pop in just a few lines of Javascript, enter your Pop UUID and EyePop API Key here. (Note: Some boilerplate HTML is required also, such as a canvas with an id of "mobilecanvas" and a video with id of "localVideo", and file upload element with an id of "file_upload". Our SDK is constantly being upgraded, so expect changes and improvements!)

const pop_uuid = 'Your Pop UUID Goes Here';
const pop_endpoint = "https://api.eyepop.ai/pops/" + pop_uuid + "/config?auto_start=true";

// Do not expose your API key in production! 
//     You can leave this blank in development.
const api_key = 'Your EyePop API Key Goes Here';

// Create and enter a temporary token here 
//     or leave this blank when developing mode to generate one on the fly
const token = '';
var config = {};

EyePopSDK.EyePopAPI.FetchPopConfig(pop_endpoint, token)
    .then((response) =>
        config = response;
        console.log("EyePop config:", config);
  1. Next, add the following code to detect when a single person is in an image!

const pop_uuid = 'YOUR UUID';
const token = '';
const pop_endpoint = "https://api.eyepop.ai/pops/" + pop_uuid + "/config?auto_start=true";
const api_key = 'YOUR API KEY';
var config = {};
config = await EyePopSDK.EyePopAPI.FetchPopConfig(pop_endpoint, token);

function detectPerson(file)
    config.input = {
        "name": "file_upload",
    // Initialize your Pop

    // Send the file to EyePop for processing

    // Set the callback for when the prediction of the file is ready
    EyePopSDK.EyePopAPI.instance.OnPrediction = (prediction) =>
        // Log the prediction to the console
        // Skip if no objects (people or otherwise) are detected
        if (prediction.objects)
            const personCount = prediction.objects.filter(obj => obj.classLabel === "person").length;

            if (personCount == 0)
                console.log("No people detected");
            } else if (personCount == 1)
                console.log("Single person detected");
            } else
                console.log("Multiple people detected");

That's it! Your profile verification system is ready to go! The possibilities are endless, check out more demos here: https://github.com/eyepop-ai/Demos