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Effortless Computer Vision

Self-Service Perception AI

Streamlining visual data analysis for easy, accessible AI-powered insights, regardless of industry or technical knowledge. Build your tailored AI application with EyePop.

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Unlock your visual content

Discover untapped potential in your images and videos. Our platform delivers deep insights into your media, enhancing user experiences and boosting engagement.

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Understand which visuals drive user engagement
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Make data-driven decisions with readable metrics
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Identify the media that resonates with your audience
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No-code vision magic

Building a custom application — or "Pop" — is a breeze with our intuitive no/low code platform. Anyone can easily create Pops that work with existing images, videos, or even real-time streams. Develop powerful, tailored computer vision solutions and make the most of your visual data.

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Intuitive no-code platform for all skill levels
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Comprehensive documentation
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Designed for users of all skill levels

Pioneering features powering the future of computer vision

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Intuitive “Pop” creation

Build custom computer vision apps effortlessly with’s no/low code platform for all skill levels.

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User-friendly interface

Develop powerful computer vision solutions easily with's intuitive interface and comprehensive documentation.

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Real-time stream analysis

Harness AI-driven insights from real-time streams for advanced visual data utilization.

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Tailored solutions

Unleash creativity with custom Pops tailored to specific needs and industries.

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Streamlined process

Simplify visual data analysis with's accessible and efficient platform.

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AI-driven insights

Empower decision-making with AI-driven insights, revolutionizing computer vision interaction.

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Fix this grass

1. Turn sprinklers on for 15 min
2. Eliminate excess thatch
3. Fertilize
4. Roll the sod

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